Women in STEM


      Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics contribute on average half o the workers in the USA However; women are not interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM due to the massive wage gap. Women on average make 77 cents to every dollar made by a man.…

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Games can Teach us New Skills!


Have you ever wondered if games could teach not only children but adults how to socialize better, study, and promote a positive work environment? Children can learn an enormous amount of information simply by playing Age of Mythology. Here it is on STEAM  By playing the game children learn about the error, how to strategize…

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Pro-Social Gaming


Effects of Pro-Social Gaming! Not the same old topic of gaming… Researchers have been referring to gaming as the cause of aggressive behavior in children and young adults for the past few years. However, Greitemeyer and Osswald (2009) argued that gaming does not cause aggression when one is playing a pro-social game. The typical gamer…

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Mindfulness Gaming Changing the Way we Game


Gaming mindfully changes how we game If we game with a purpose could children benefit more from gaming? Gaming has become a household activity. Parents have had difficulties with children gaming too much. If the parent is not involved in the game; how is one suppose to understand there is no ending to the game?…

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Cyberbullying in Game!


Bullying in a game can be difficult to deal with especially if you are a child trying have fun in a game. As a parent, there may be a few in game concepts that you don’t have a full understanding of which are critical to your gamer. Cyberbullying comes in the form of email, in…

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