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Prioritizing your own well-being benefits your entire family.

Prioritizing your own well-being benefits your entire family Getting through the day to day life under quarantine- not to mention juggling working from home and educating your child or dealing with sudden unemployment is stressful. Add isolation from your social network. 
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Staying Connected During COVID-19

Stay Connected  It has come to my attention the importance of staying connected during this time. A recent report on  and  explained that a 14-year-old girl committed suicide in her own home while her mother was there. 

These Guys Made a Big Impact in Technology

February is Black History Month Two Major Contributors who impacted technology as we know and use it today.  This month I will be paying tribute to some of the most influential African-American innovators in technology. 

What is Christmas like at your house?

4 Apps to Be Cautious of On Your Teens Phone

Almost every tween or teen owns their very own portal device, be it a cell phone or tablet. As social media apps come and go, there are ones that tend to attract and keep teens engaged. In most cases, we consider Facebook to be the ultimate social media app, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online safety with teens today. 

Teenage Bullying

The digital world evolves very fast. Social media platforms, apps, and new devices are in production every day, and teens are most often the first to use them. As social networking and online interaction become more popular among teens, facebook and Twitter have become the most common platforms for cyberbully attacks. 

A Parent's Role In Video Gameplay

A Parent’s Role in the  Video Games?   As a parent, you should be familiar with what games your kids are playing.  As you know, all games are not m ade to be played by children. You should know what games your kid likes and who they are playing with. And if the game is an online multiplayer game. You should know about the Entertainment Software Rating Board or the ESRB. Learn more here   Understanding the ESRB allows you to control what your kids are playing. Head over to to have an even better understanding of different types of games your kids may play.   What do parents do while their kids are playing games?   We live hectic lives, and at times, gaming can be a substitute sitter for kids while making meals or chatting with friends. But, it would be beneficial to both you and your kids if you took the time to play games with your kids. You can connect with your kids on a level they are comfortable with, but it also allows you to learn about the g