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Screen time

Screen time- to dual, or not to dual?
Screen time is the amount of time that your child spends looking at a screen of any type such as; a phone, tablet, computer, or Mac while playing a game or watching a movie. The screen still considered any screen. In some cases children are watching a movie while playing a game, this is called dual screen time. Distractions from one or the other may dilute the meaning or objective from one or the other. If your child is playing a game on their handheld device or phone, their attention is split in an attempt to grasp the movie they are watching.

Kids Playing Video Games Today

Gaming has become part of our everyday lives as a form of entertainment; at times, it’s considered no different than watching television for hours at a time.
 In the ’80s, children watch cartoons and started to play Frogger and pong. Today's gaming industry has drastically changed. Makes me wonder if children today are smarter and more skillful than children just two decades ago?

Impact of gaming over the past two decades
The gaming industry is booming, bringing in nearly 12 billion dollars. Studies show that 92% of Americans play some video game on a console, computer, or mobile device. Due to technological advancements, games are evolving and adapting to players of all ages and genders. What was once considered an all-male or “guy thing” is now popular among girls and teenagers.Games use to be solely one or two players. These games offered a type of competitiveness, but it does not come close to what today's market offers.
Social Skills With the advancement of games and th…

Pro-Social Gaming

Effects of Pro-Social Gaming
Not the same old topic of gaming… Researchers have been referring to gaming as the cause of aggressive behavior in children and young adults for the past few years. However, Greitemeyer and Osswald (2009) argued that gaming does not cause aggression when one is playing a pro-social game.

Can we Prevent CyberBullying

Preventing CyberBullying
When it comes to keeping track of your child’s online safety, rating video games, and movies help determine appropriate content for your child; parents should be armed with the best resources available. Real world problems, such as cyberbullying and inappropriate behavior conducted online are dangerous for children.

There are some excellent services available to parents who want to know what their kids are doing online.
Keeping track of the location of your children while maintaining a busy schedule is vital in this digital age. Services provided by AT&T Family Map, Verizon Family Locator, and Sprints Family Locator allows your child’s phone to be tracked. This real-time location service only works if your child has a phone with GPS and can be viewed on your PC or smartphone. Additional features can be set to notify you of your child whereabouts at a specific time of the day. Parents can also view historical data to review where your child has gone. Smartp…

Gaming On Mobile Devices

Gaming on a Phone Versus a Handheld Device Gaming on a phone works in a snap, hand your phone over to your child while waiting in line or eating out and they can enjoy a few moments of quick play. This is quick and easy to do yet, is it safe for the child? Never underestimate your kids he or she knows things about your phone that we adults are still trying to figure out.