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Kids Playing Video Games Today

Gaming has become part of our everyday lives as a form of entertainment; at times, it’s considered no different than watching television for hours at a time.
 In the ’80s, children watch cartoons and started to play Frogger and pong. Today's gaming industry has drastically changed. Makes me wonder if children today are smarter and more skillful than children just two decades ago?

Impact of gaming over the past two decades
The gaming industry is booming, bringing in nearly 12 billion dollars. Studies show that 92% of Americans play some video game on a console, computer, or mobile device. Due to technological advancements, games are evolving and adapting to players of all ages and genders. What was once considered an all-male or “guy thing” is now popular among girls and teenagers.Games use to be solely one or two players. These games offered a type of competitiveness, but it does not come close to what today's market offers.
Social Skills With the advancement of games and th…