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Rewarding with Gameplay

Most homes today have games on every computer, console, tablet, and phons. You or your child most likely find enjoyment in gaming.

Having a chore schedule for kids can help kids get involved as well. 

Here are some ideas

  • Collect dirty dishes after a meal
  • Take dirty clothes to the laundry area 
  • Empty Garbage 
  • Water Plants 
  • Feed Pets 
  • Sweep or Vacuum floors 
  • Participating in Family meals

Doing extra chores can be a great way to earn extra money 
Click here for even more information. 

Make a gaming jar for collection and upon your discretion can match your child’s contribution. If a new console is wanted, it may take up to 12 months to build up the funds unless the parent wants to contribute or (match) the total cost. 

For example, if the child has a done a great job, then you could match their $2.50 for taking out the trash. A new game cost between $40 and $60 if your child wants this game, he may be able to purchase it within a month or so. 

Rewarding with Game Play or time spent playing video games could be an incentive for better behavior. Game time should not be expected regularly, but earned with good behavior and actions. 

Here are some ways to reward
  • Bringing home the grades B or above
  • Listening to instructions and following directions the first time 
  • Keep a chart of good behavior for game night. 

As parents, we want our children to have healthy gaming habits. We want children to benefit from all the skills that gaming has to offer. A reward system could promote rounded economic skills and gratification delay. Do you have a question on how to improve gaming for your child? Leave a comment below or send me an email at 



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