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MMO Games

What are MMORPGs? MMORPGs or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games are social networking games, which allow players to socialize and personalize their character or avatar. Players are playing with others simultaneously across the globe and, with thousands if not millions of other players at a time.
Here are some specific examples of various types of MMORPGs. Fantasy:Arche Age, Rift, Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings OnlineScience fictions: Starwars The Old Republic, Wildstar, EVE Online, and Star Trek OnlineModern-daySims, Second Life, Secret WorldFortnite is considered a Battle Royale game = Cooperative sandbox survival game that revolves around the player and changes from day today.

The virtual world allows players to live in an alternative environment for a short time. In-game personalization is an essential aspect of MMORPGs technology, and software has allowed developers to enhance visual graphics, character optimization, and in-game environments. Customization of one’s ch…