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Why You Need to Remove Devices from Your Kids Bedroom Today

Removing devices from your kid's bedroom

Life is busy, and children have busy schedules as well, and it is challenging to keep up with everyone’s actives all at once.  As parents, it is difficult to monitor all of what your children watch, especially in their bedrooms. Furthermore, this also means that you are less likely to prevent children from being exposed to potentially harmful media.
Although sleep is impacted by evening added screen time, other areas of your child’s life are impacted.Researchers have suggested that increased screen time affects their social and cognitive development and increased aggression. Researchers have categorized these as into two areas displacement and content. Displacement is related to the amount of time your child spends playing on video games and spending less time on pro-social activities as a result of time spent gaming or watching television. Content is related to the media content that children view and that it is likely to affect how they thi…