3 Games You Will Love Playing with Your Kids

3 Games You Will Love Playing with Your Kids


Happy New Year and welcome to the second year of Parents Guide to Gaming. This past year has been wonderful. I am looking forward to presenting new content, meeting new folks, and developing a membership site where parents can go for more details on gaming and ways they can help their gamers develop fully.

Show don’t tell, that your interested

Gamers are still stereotyped as anti-social, potentially violent young men living in their parent’s basements. This myth may have people confused both mom’s, and dads alike may feel intimidated when it comes to gaming. In today’s world, there are games on every device and for every age group. I challenge you to show kids that you interested in their gaming world.

There are a few perks to doing this


  • You will connect with your child; both in-game and out. Connecting with teenage gamers may not be as easy as connecting with a six-year-old gamer. Knowing this, and because games are not going anywhere may entice you play or connect on this level rather than waiting for a connection to drop in your lap.
  • You will have something in common to talk about while not gaming. Listening to your child’s suggestions may surprise you, you may find that they are wise in their gaming skills. If you are using gaming as a reward or as game night, then you may already talk about these concepts. But if you are just starting your journey to gaming with your child, you learn that gaming is an all encompassing concept that requires time, attention to detail, and motivation to continue after you fail. Each of these areas are conversational makers; you can chat with them over super, lunch or riding in the car. Communication is an excellent skill that some gamers never experience unless they are online.
  • You can challenge your kids to a game, then challenge them in other areas of life. Gaming may be the best area to challenge your child. You both may find it easier to work in tandem while not gaming. An example of an in-game challenge could be you asking the child to finish a level that he or she is struggling with alone while you watch.
  • You can use your gaming skills and help your child in areas they are struggling. Yep, your skills, although you are a new player in the arena you have wit that your child does not. You may find that by not purchasing equipment upgrade now will benefit you later. You may understand that saving the funds for a better item help you more. Playing games with your children present an opportunity to share your skills, wit, and decision making with your children while leaving them to make their choices.

Playing games with your kids can be fun, here are a few to consider!

  • New Super Mario Bro U- Available only on the Wii U, this is an awesome game for those who loved Super Mario as it utilized traditional aspects of the old game. Players will take Mario on an adventure while trying to save of course the princess.
  • Sacred 2- Available for Playstation 3, and Windows computer, this is an older co-op game but encompasses the player in a world of fantasy, challenge, and goal-oriented task. Co-op players are a team and must work together to reach the goal. This game also includes in-game gear upgrades, map reading, money management, and time-oriented task. Great starter game for those 14 years old if playing alone and 12 if playing with parents due to violence.
  • Disney’s infantry 3.0- This game is for Playstation 3 and 4 Xbox one, Wii U, Windows computer, and Mac. The co-op multiplayer game allows players to play their favor Disney character and team up with others to accomplish a task.