Benefits of New Horizons

Benefits of New Horizons

Review of the Benefits of New Horizons

What are the advantages of gaming in today’s world?


It seems that children game to simply pass the time while parents are busy with other things. I game

because I enjoy the instant gratification and overall experience. I also game because I enjoy seeing the

advancements in technology throughout the year.

But what are the real benefits of playing games nightly or weekly?


I have found that by playing certain types of games that I think differently. Take the recently released

Playstation game New Horizons. The main character starts off as a child then advances into young

women named Alloy.

Alloy is brave strong and courageous throughout the game. She uses several types

of weapons throughout the to defeat machines which are being made on the planet. The interesting

thing is that I have to be very strategic in how I play since I do not want to be killed or use up all my

health resources.

I have to create a plan of action before initiating a fight with the machines. Women in

the gaming world are becoming to be a part of everyday gameplay.

New Horizons has given me the opportunity to think strategically not only about the game but other things in real life such as organization and planning before taking action.


Until recently I had not considered the many resources that are at my disposal on a day to day basis. A

benefit to playing New Horizons is strategic planning, evaluating my current resources, and

implementation of the action. These are also beneficial in real world areas such as on the job training

and decision making. As I played New Horizons, I realized that aspects of the game could benefit others

who play it.

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Benefits of Roleplaying

Benefits of Roleplaying

Benefits of Roleplaying, Creative Thinking and

“The What if Factor”


What are the real world benefits to of roleplaying games?     


Roleplaying is an excellent way to be creative and imagine “the what if factor”. Roleplaying games allow the player to think in different ways as if anything and everything were possible and at your disposal.

Roleplaying is also a great way to think out of the box when solving problems.


Fantasy roleplaying is my overall favorite form of roleplaying. Take the Vampire and Werewolf series it offers the players an exciting adventure through a multitude of worlds during the game. Fantasy roleplaying online games such as Final Fantasy XIV or Everyquest 2 each of these games has a substantial amount of creative thinking involved. Take solo play, for example, you have to creatively play your character to best of your ability. Grouping or raiding, for example, allows you to show off your acquired skills, work with others, and strategically think about how you will support your team to the best of your ability.


So what can fantasy roleplaying games do for the work environment?


It seems that thinking out of the box is the concept that not many people have in the workplace these days. Fantasy roleplaying games could expound and increase your ability to think out of the box and differently from those others that you work with on a daily basis. Considering that role players use more of their imagination and right brain that those that do not play it is very possible. This concept also corresponds with the creatures such as artist, writers, and musicians who also use their right brain more those who do not.

It makes me wonder why companies and organizations do not request creative thinking as a prerequisite. Just imagine what fantasy role-players could do for organizations and corporations in a think tank or brainstorming session.
Why not consider putting I am a gamer on a job application and list all the skills that you have obtained while playing?



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Mindfulness Gaming Changing the Way we Game

Mindfulness Gaming Changing the Way we Game

Gaming mindfully changes how we game

If we game with a purpose could children benefit more from gaming?

Gaming has become a household activity. Parents have had difficulties with children gaming too much. If the parent is not involved in the game; how is one suppose to understand there is no ending to the game?

  • The player does not know when to stop gaming.
  • If the game has not ended then how does the player know when to stop playing?
  • Mindfulness could be the answer to all the problems.
  • First, what is mindfulness and how does it relate to children gaming?

The practice of bringing one’s attention the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. Read more here

How does it relate to children who play video games?

    Currently, 9% of children in the USA have been diagnosed with a type of ADHD or resistant behavior while acting on impulses (Monteiro, 2015). In contrast teachers and parents are concerned with their child’s misbehavior in social contexts and lack of concentration. Each of these effects your child’s development and cognitive functioning. Cognitive functioning is often related to your child’s self-regulation and ability to maintain focus; lack of these can result in learning disabilities (Monteiro, 2015). Therefore, researchers have established a clearer understanding the relationship of self-regulation and game play among children.

Researchers have studied the facts behind the impacts of mindful gaming. The findings revealed that awareness while gaming promotes self-regulation related to gaming, positive behaviors, and completion of their homework (Monterey, 2015). The researcher explained that the ability to regulate attention develops gradually over the course of one’s life. Mindfulness interventions were shown to help gamers progress toward goals.

How can your child practice Mindfulness Gaming?

  • Play online games with others and achieve goals.
  • Play games such as Tetris to practice intensive adaptability.
  • Play games that require decision making and the opportunity to engage other players.

If you would like more information on guidance in regards to the internet, media usage, and mobile devices send me an email at, and I would be happy to help.

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Monteiro, M. P. (2015). The impact of a mindfulness-based attentional skills training program on school related self-regulation skills of elementary school children (Doctoral dissertation, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi).

Cyberbullying in Game!

Cyberbullying in Game!

Bullying in a game can be difficult to deal with especially if you are a child trying to have fun in a game. As a parent, there may be a few in game concepts that you don’t have a full understanding of which are critical to your gamer.

Cyberbullying comes in the form of email, in game chat, and text messaging over cell phones. Cyberbullying could be anyone of any age or gender. During this time when technology rules all, children will encounter technological advances and connections with other people (Kowalski, Limber, & Agatston, 2012). It is the unknown person or persons on the other end of the connections be cautious of.

Food for thought: The activity and number of individuals using the internet for social networking and gaming have increased a notable 100% over the past three years.

Types of bullying in a game:

  • Harassment: at times a bully will send harassing messages, these can be hurtful and harmful to your child.
  • Ganging up, at times, you may encounter a group of bullies that threaten your child in the game. Their in-game chat can be harassing and harmful to your child.
  • Password theft; some bullies tend to spend their time hacking their targets account trying to figure out their password.

    How to help and protect your child online:

  • First and foremost teach your children to report any negative chat or actions from another player!
  • Explain to your child why cyberbullying dangerous?
  • Bullying creates memories that last a lifetime.
  • Explain to your child that their password is secret and should not be shared with anyone online.
  • As parents you should stay in the loop; you should know what game you child is playing.
  • Talk to your kids about online chats if they are available in their game. Tell them to think about what their message says before they send it. And tell them to talk to you when someone says something harmful.

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