Central Location for Devices

Central Location for Devices

One Step to Creating Healthy Gaming Habits.

 Create a central location for devices. All members of the family have a device teens, children, and parents.

What is a central location for charging a device?

This is a centralized, convenient location for all devices to charge while you are at home.

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  • Beside your entertainment center
  • On a table in your entryway
  • On a side table in your family room


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As parents, we accumulate several daily electronic devices such as cell phone and tablets. We may even have a laptop that we carry back and forth to work. These things all need to charging for next days use.

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A central location can help you and your children

Should kids be able to access this area?

Yes if your child plays with their device

Your child will always know where his devices are. Parents will know at a glance if your kids are playing with their devices. Your child’s task of placing the device at the central location will teach the following.

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  • Responsibility for their things
  • Self-confidence in completing the task
  • Knowledge of where their device is located


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Imagine a morning, when you and your child know exactly where your devices are located.

No more hunting the device down to get out the door.

Tips for Parents

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  • Ask your kids to put their devices on to charge when they get home
  • Parents, place your device in the location as well unless you expect calls
  • If you expect phone calls at night, then charge your phone in your room
  • You can turn your child’s device off to power up quickly
  • If you read to your child from a tablet during bedtime, place it back on the central location before going to bed


A central location for chargeable devices can change your household activity.

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  • Parents can connect with their kids over a meal.
  • Kids will be able to talk with parents who are not distracted.
  • Parents can monitor their children’s use of their device quickly and easily.


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