Critical Thinking and Gaming

Critical Thinking and Gaming

As adults, we use our critical thinking skills every day several times a day to make the best decision possible.

We can critically calculate the days to-do-list in a matter of minutes and decide which one would be most productive for that day.

Children get opportunities while they are at school to make similar types of decisions and problem solve.

What other times do children get the opportunity to think critically and problem solve throughout the day?idea-1019746_640

Unless they are working on homework, most likely very few.

How many problems can children solve at home without your help? Most likely only a handful.

Action games

A player of action games such as has to at times plans how they are going to advance through the game. The character has special skills such as a punch, kick, or magical spell that can be used to conquer his adversary or protect himself. The play has to know and understands how each skill is used, and how long it takes to engage in making the next move. No, every advisory is the same, players have critically thought about what they can do to avoid destruction or death during the battle.

Other games such as civilization or even Uncharted allow the player to discover new items within the game. Critical thinking comes into to play in both of the games although they are very different from each other. Civilization allows players to claim land, create an army and conquer other commanders with the goal of obtaining their land and armies. Whereas Uncharted is a single player action game, which requires the player to strategized how he will move from one spot to the next safely without being killed.

In both games items and location most likely exist in the real world. Although children may not yet know or understand the history of the location, items, or objective of the game, this provides parents with an excellent opportunity. Parents can engage in conversation, or you and your child can take a break and head to the museum and locate some of the items that were in the game.

Discovering new things is fun, engaging, and allows players to use their critical thinking skills to advance throughout the game.

Playing the game can at times be challenging at times while trying to advance through a blockade or snoop around without being killed in the game. The long term effect could benefit you and your child. Your child will have lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and you can engage with your child on a different topic.

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