Family Game Night

Family Game Night

A Big Change to Family Game Night!

Families may be aware of a traditional family game night, as a family you sit down with a pile of games at one end of the table and discuss what you are going to play for the evening. Games are most likely anything from monopoly to family role-playing games.  By the time the family makes the decision as to what to play, some of the family members may have lost interests. That process can now be changed.

Days are gone when we pulled the games out and voted on which game was going to be played, and argued over who got to be the car in Monopoly. 

If you have one console, four remotes, and about ten games to choose from at any given time, you have a set up for a family electronic game night. You can still line the games up and pick one to play as a family. You may also find that the Wii U works best for this change. As it is very user-friendly and kid recommended.

The variety of games that are available is for various age groups as well. You may find that the anticipation to have family game night has returned and that playing games as a family have its rewards. Of course, each family member has their own favorite game, but the days of dreading the decision have gone. But you may be amazed to see the excitement on everyone’s face when a game night is announced.

You may also feel more excited remembering how much fun the family had together during the last game night.

  • You may find an even more amazing part of the game night there may be fewer arguments before the game, during the game, and still days after game night. In most cases, not everyone is great at the same game, but everyone may be willing to help the one who falls behind to win the game as a team.

  • In most cases, you are competing against each other, but some games will require team effort if not from the separate teams, from all players at once. So there is a good amount of competition taking place. Being on a team means you have to work together to reach the goal you will have communication, collaborate and be patient is your teammate may fail at times.

As expected you may observe your family become closer and more connected and engaged during game night.  If your willing to give the game change a chance you may also see that within the next months that players improve in several areas. For example, gaming faults or miss haps may draw you closer together, by playing together as a family you are showing your faults, mishaps, and in some areas a decreased skill.

Although a team member may show a lack of skill in one area or another; by continuing to work as a team, you communicate, coordinate and collaborate as a team. You may notice a reduced amount of arguments of who will do what chore around the house. Instead, you may see a family member willing to pitch in to help complete their chores.

It will be amazing to see relationships change and evolve over the next few months.  Family game night can become something you look forward to doing every week now. You may find the love of cooking returning for that night;  on these days, it’s fun coordinating the meal to a game.

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  1. Our family has a game night every week on Friday night. I allow my kids to have Saturday to be with friends and do what they want but Friday is for family. We play games like Mario Kart and Mario Party and have a blast on the Wii. I am so glad other parents are becoming okay with video games too!

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