Games are Here to Stay

Games are Here to Stay

Games are here to Stay!

Gamer’s have been playing games over the past 20 years

Gamers are now of different ages, genders, and ethnicities! Researchers have shown that children who play games at least 5 hrs a day improve their memory, eye-hand coordination, and visual-spatial skills. Today’s classroom education includes a device of some sort; this being a computer or tablet, at least 30% of all schools include these in their curriculum.

How are games used in the classroom today?

  • Games are included in traditional education, as they are in today’s education. Games are a form of engagement with children.

Games in the classroom offer


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  • Engagement
  • Socialization
  • Interaction
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Teamwork


What will games be used for in the Future?

  • The future of games used in education is limitless. All forms of education use games to learn new skills. Game developers continue to develop new games, and new ways to involve students. These games are now evolving to different platforms such as tablets and mobile devices. Creating new forms of mobility that were not available until now. The past has shown that games will only evolve further.
  • Education-World explained that through games children learn a variety of essential skills. Games provide teachers with the opportunity to come before the class and get students excited about learning. Games in the classroom promote positive engagement and positive memories of learning for children. Games can only evolve to more efficient ways of learning in all educational setting.
  • Currently, medical students are playing Second life, an MMORPG or massive multi-player online role playing game. Students participant in social activities, work in teams, and organize data. Although they are distant learners, they incorporate learning and gaming to engage with fellow students and their material by going to the virtual library.

Why Should we Establish Healthy Gaming Habits Now?

There are a few unpleasant attributes too much of any one thing, and should be monitored.

Gaming offers the following

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  • Entertainment
  • Instant Gratification
  • Socialization


By implementing healthy gaming habits such as removing devices from your child’s bedroom and monitoring their gameplay, you are setting an excellent foundation.

Games are obviously not going anywhere anytime soon. Games have too much to offer.

As parents we need to stay up to date on the latest games that our children are playing and keep them safe while gaming.

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