Games can Teach us New Skills!

Games can Teach us New Skills!

Have you ever wondered if games could teach not only children but adults how to socialize better, study, and promote a positive work environment?



  • Children can learn an enormous amount of information simply by playing Age of Mythology. Here it is on STEAM  By playing the game children learn about the error, how to strategize and grasp the understanding of strengths and weaknesses of themselves and others. Like children and teenagers adults, both at home and at work have a lot to learn from this game as well.
  • Researcher Gee (2003) explains that games are not just for children, and they should not just be in the home, but rather in work environments, and classrooms. Learning requires motivation and games offer this. Maintaining and achieving one’s goals in learning are primary aspects of successful students. Gee (2003) explained that this can be a powerful motivator both in the classroom and the workplace.

Workplace skills such as organization, creation, and processing overlap with skills required to play massively multiplayer games. According to Gee (2003), these games prepare workers for modern work environments and deep learning.

The impasse of gaming in the classroom: why aren’t there better games for school children and adolescents?

Researchers Squire and Jenkins (2003) defined the preferred entertainment for most children and adolescents to be gaming. However, gaming is still not considered a learning tool in the educational realm. Educators, game developers, and parents are still skeptical about the potential of games in school, and the industry has long sought a “sweet spot” of what an educational game should look like in schools today.

puzzle-210784_640Do you consider gaming to be educational enough to be in your child’s school?

How would you promote gaming in schools? 

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