Gaming to Improve Organization Skills

Gaming and organization skills

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Kids are bombarded with information from their school, home, and the internet; what do they do with it all? How are they able to recall vast amounts of information in such a short time?

Organization is a skill that allows your child to solve problems by creating order.  Your child organizes what he or she learns in school and at home so he can recall it when it is needed. Your child uses this information to pack for road trips, make informed decisions, and complete their homework.

Organization allows kids to understand concepts, and the tools that allow them to succeed. Task that are involved in video games are no different they require the same amount of organization, comprehension and, decision making to be successful. There are several games for all ages that offer organization skill enhancement. For more great games that offer memory skill enhancements check out my recommendations for memory games.

Tetris– appropriate for ages 6 and up. This game is available on most devices even phones and tablet. My favorite way to play is on the Playstation though; the play can compete against others and complete challenges. Organization plays a big part in this game as the player has to stack four rows before completing them to get the highest score possible. The play has to organize his or her pieces to hold the rows together before they can complete all four rows at once.

Wizard 101 appropriate for ages 10 and up. This game is available on Windows computer and Mac. Simply put the player has kept their bag organized to advanced in the game. Food can not overtake the back nor can armor, or weapons. The play must be aware of what they are changing at all times to succeed at challenges they are faced with while playing.

Final Fantasy XIII or higher is appropriate for ages 13 and older. This game is available on Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox one, and Windows computer. The player not only controls the main character but all members of the party, up to six other characters are controlled by the player. The player must keep track of the weapons, skills, and abilities the members have. The player must also be aware of their potions, cures, and phenix downs to successful conquer their foes within the game.

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