Gaming to Improve your Creativity

Gaming to Improve your Creativity

Gaming to improve your creativity

How do you describe creativity to your children?

The concept has baffled researchers for many years. Creativity involves a multitude of mental process that is still not fully understood. Stop and consider all the material that already exists. Now finding new material that is different or stands out from all others. This process could be described as creativity yet there are many forms that it could take. The process is limitless really, yet researchers have found that children who play video games have greater levels of creativity than non-gamers.

Researchers have found that playing video games can stimulate the brain in many different ways. For example; studies have found that by playing video games that students learn new material easily.

Dr. Linda Jackson explained that gamers could have an edge on non-gamers. Dr. Jackson’s test 12-year-old boys and girls and found a greater relationship between creativity and video game.

Creative Juices and Playing Video Games Go Together!

Dr. Jackson’s findings have a lot to offer game designers and educators. Game designers and developers could enrich games with creative efforts making them more stimulating for children. Educators could incorporate those games into their lessons. Learn more here! Creativity does not directly come from video game play alone. Games do however spark creativity, and possibly cultivate the processes of creativity within children and possibly adults.

Gaming adults have a lot to gain from gaming as well. What games do you play to get your creative juices flowing?