Gaming to Learn

Gaming to Learn

Action games, Fast paced games, and First person shooter games are all beneficial for improving your ability to acquire new skills. Researchers Bejjanki et al. (2014) found these types of games improve perceptual templates or one’s ability to learn over time.

Researchers found that after playing these kinds of games for a few hours that players were able to filter external noise (Bejjanki et al., 2014). This significant aspect indicated that skills and knowledge acquired during game play provided direct and immediate benefits to the game’s gameplay.

What does this mean for you and your gamer?

By playing action games, fast paced games, and first person shooter games, you are creating a new way to learn. You and your players are learning new ways to learn each time you play these games. Researchers found that gamers still scored higher than none gamers when learning new material after 50 hours of not gaming.

How this concept is fantastic for players today.

Gamers who currently play action games or first person shooter games have a good handle on learning new material. One might consider adding a few extra hours of playing these types of games if you are in college or trying to learn a new skill at work. It does not matter if the game has anything to do with your chosen profession it’s all about how you spend your time.

For parents of Gamers!

Parents you may want to consider these types of games for your child. There are tons of them on the market today. Every console and mobile device have an assortment of action games. If your child is too young for first person shooter games, then try a fast paced game such as Mario Cart or Mario Run. These games are perfect for quick decision making.

Have fun no matter what you play!