Benefits of New Horizons

Benefits of New Horizons

Review of the Benefits of New Horizons

What are the advantages of gaming in today’s world?


It seems that children game to simply pass the time while parents are busy with other things. I game

because I enjoy the instant gratification and overall experience. I also game because I enjoy seeing the

advancements in technology throughout the year.

But what are the real benefits of playing games nightly or weekly?


I have found that by playing certain types of games that I think differently. Take the recently released

Playstation game New Horizons. The main character starts off as a child then advances into young

women named Alloy.

Alloy is brave strong and courageous throughout the game. She uses several types

of weapons throughout the to defeat machines which are being made on the planet. The interesting

thing is that I have to be very strategic in how I play since I do not want to be killed or use up all my

health resources.

I have to create a plan of action before initiating a fight with the machines. Women in

the gaming world are becoming to be a part of everyday gameplay.

New Horizons has given me the opportunity to think strategically not only about the game but other things in real life such as organization and planning before taking action.


Until recently I had not considered the many resources that are at my disposal on a day to day basis. A

benefit to playing New Horizons is strategic planning, evaluating my current resources, and

implementation of the action. These are also beneficial in real world areas such as on the job training

and decision making. As I played New Horizons, I realized that aspects of the game could benefit others

who play it.

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