Children who Dream of being Pilots, Architects and Engineers

Children who Dream of being Pilots, Architects and Engineers

Children who Dream of being Pilots, Architects and Engineers

Over recent years, researchers have proven that gamers score substantially higher than non-gamers do on particular aptitude tests such as the Motor Rotation Test (Green and Bavelier, 2004). Object rotation is the child’s ability to rotate two-dimensional items in three-dimensional space. As parents, we want the best for our kids; entertainment, education, and success in their careers. Your child’s dream may be to one day become a pilot in the military or the next pilot to visit Mars, as parents we want to help them succeed in this process.

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It incorporates object manipulation and reaction time. When playing Warthunder, your child will experience repeated flight patterns, which will require your child to understand latitude and longitude to be successful. In addition to manipulations of objects in order to maintain control of the plane, these actions increase the visual-spatial abilities of your child.

Warthunder offers a vast area of skill enhancements that may inadvertently educate and inspire your child in become a pilot.

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Was released in the early 80’s. Galaga is available on the Google play store for free that can be played on all Android devices. Galaga can be found Here

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Galaga also remains a personal favorite of mine. While presenting the same type of simulation as Warthunder, Galaga offers a simplified two-dimensional flight pattern.

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Galaga enhances skills such as

Visual-spatial variation

Object manipulation,

Reaction time

Decision-making by shooting the enemy coming from both left and right side simultaneously.

This process enhances both reaction time and processing speed in addition to memory and cognition. Patterns within the game are repetitious and ongoing; this allows the child to memorize flight patterns of enemies approaching.

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Perspective Architects and Engineers are likely to benefit from these types of games as well.

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Tetris requires the play on manipulate three-dimensional structures that can be in the child’s mind then replicated them on the screen (Green & Bavelier, 2004).
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There are several games on the market that promote such skills such including the 80’s classic Tetris or the current game Minecraft. Both of which allow the child to manipulate objects in order to create a three-dimensional virtual world and survive in threatening conditions.
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Tetris is available online at Tetris and  Minecraft playing this with your child may also increase your object rotations skills and create a completion for high scoring. Children of all ages are capable of playing Tetris, which is available to play in browsers and at the Google play store. Additional research has indicated that by playing Tetris children score substantially higher on object rotation as compared to those who do not.


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In conclusion, it would seem that we as parents have several new concepts to learn about gaming and the benefits they offer our children. Flight simulation can target relational abilities, which, allows our kids to manipulate three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional world in order to survive. This process enhances and improves object rotation, decision-making, and processing speed. Games such as Galaga and Tetris are retro although they offer positive aspects to our children’s lives. Over usage can be just as disadvantaging as underusing these games. The final post in this series will cover how parents can sustain these enhancements by implementing certain games or apps on handheld devices at an early age while monitoring their game play.
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Green, C. S., & Bavelier, D. (2006). The cognitive neuroscience of video games. Digital media: Transformations in human communication, 211-223.