Video Games Are For Mom Too!

Video Games Are For Mom Too!

I would like to introduce a new prospective on gaming from Yvonne. Yvonne is a mom and gamer in today’s digital world. I’ve enjoyed chatting with her about games as I am sure you will enjoy reading about her adventures while gaming.

It was just recently that I found this website, and what a great idea! These days there’s just no going around it: your child will come in contact with all things Internet, and it’s best if parents know what they’re dealing with and how to help them do it safely. Still, there can be a lot of educational value, not to mention lots of fun. Not just for your child, but for you too!

My daughter is almost 17 now, and although she enjoys an occasional game, I must say her mother is much more of a fanatic! Ten years ago she had the very first version of the DS and Nintendogs. She loved her virtual critters to bits, but during the holidays she was ready for a new game. Off we went, to the games store together, perusing the displays for a suitable game for a 7 year old. Purely based on the box art, we picked Animal Crossing Wild World. Can you picture it, together on the couch, heads closely together as we stepped into the virtual world? Our native language is Dutch, and the game was in English, so I helped her along. Doing our first chores for Tom Nook, meeting the villagers. Pretty soon though she got a bit bored, and I decided to finish the chores for her to help her along.


image1It wasn’t long before I decided to buy my own DS, as the Animal Crossing town needed daily maintenance. And so, at the age of 42 I became an avid gamer.

Since then I’ve tried my hand at all kinds of games, I can “speak Pokemon” and I know how to level up for serious battles. But I also know how to maintain a virtual farm and enjoy a virtual novel. Since then I even started my own website to talk about video games, where I add the occasional uptake on the life of a working mom too. And that’s just what I wanted to talk to you about: gaming can be fun for moms too, not just for your child. I know you’ll probably all know the party games, like Wii Sports and Mario Party, but trust me, there’s a whole world out there for you to enjoy too.

Guest Yvonne

Handheld devices like a 3DS or PS Vita are perfect for this, and if you buy it used, it shouldn’t come at a high price. But there are some fun games on your tablet or smartphone too. My main motto is to just play the games that you want to play, and games that suit you. Don’t let anyone tell you that adults don’t play video games, or that some games just aren’t real games.






Do you like puzzles with a good story?

  • Try Professor Layton. Love a relaxed virtual life.

  • Try Animal Crossing.

  • Want to try a visual novel, which is like a book but with visual impressions, and depending on the choices you make you get a specific ending to the story?

  • There are several in the PS Vita. Do you like managing a farm and critters, try Harvest Moon, or add a little bit of fighting to it in Rune Factory.



There are so many awesome games for ladies to enjoy, I’ve covered a series of them on my website, called “The Right Game for the Right Time“. If you would like to try your hand at handheld gaming, not for your child but for your own amusement, you are bound to find a good one for you! And who knows, you’ll be able to chat video games with your child in no time!

About Yvonne:


My friends tend to look at me with a faraway look in their eyes when I talk gaming to them again, so I decided to spare them and take up blogging about gaming instead. I didn’t start to play video games until fairly late in life, but since then I’ve explored all kinds of Nintendo gaming. I love a good RPG, caught them all in Pokémon, managed my farm in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory and deployed my forces in Fire Emblem. These are my thoughts and experiences in gaming from the perspective of a 50+ year old lady, plus an occasional uptake on the life of a working mom thrown in!

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  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing. I absolutely agree that Mums can playing games, after all, we are all still kids at heart, and no one should feel guilty about that.

  2. I love this! I remember getting some strange looks for being a gamer (female gamer) in my late 30’s. The way I see it is, I have always enjoyed them and I am able to bond with my son through them. His father has the bond of sports, and I of video games! I love everything from Viva Pinata style games to Call of Duty! lol

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