Windows 10 Security Setup

Windows 10 Security Setup

 is now available, here are some tips to keep your children safe while using the family computer or Windows tablet

1. Set up your family of user

  • Everyone who uses the computer should have their own Login ID and password including your children Click here to complete

2. Turn Administer access on, for all adult accounts then turn this off for all children account

  • There must be one administrator on the computer at all times

3. Create a user ID and custom Virtual Identity with your child, if you have more than one child take time to make each one their own identity.

  • This will allow you to track their activities later

4. Turn on Windows parental controls: Click here 

  • This blocks access to games or programs that children should not view

  • Note to parents a notification is displayed informing children that the content is block but can request permission to access it

5. Customize your family settings to protect your children

  • Family safety filter will monitor with basic web filtering and block adult content

  • You can customize what content is acceptable for your child to view

6. Another way for you to know for sure your child is logging into his account is to customize his background graphics.

  • Involve your child and let him pick his own image.

7. Windows 10 offers activity reports about the websites that your children are visiting and what they are searching for, this includes apps and games

8. Set age limits on games with one switch

  • Age limits can be customized on apps and games your child may want to play located in the Windows app store although permission can be granted if the parent allows access

9. Check your permissions to allow access: Click

  • Click here grant permission to your child you will need to check your email or manage request at your Microsoft family account

10. Monitor your children’s activity

  • At your Microsoft family account you can turn this feature on and off it

  • Monitoring websites, Apps and games, and Screen time allows you to see what your child does anytime they are logged under their user name