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Women and Technology

Women on average, make $0.77 to every $1.00 earned by a man. 

Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics contribute on average half o the workers in the USA however; women are not interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM due to the massive wage gap. 

Why is such a gender gap? 

Over the past decade, there has been a drop of women in STEM fields at different junctions of their career. On average half of the women who start off going to college in a STEM field drop off, and only 1% of these women achieve a Ph.D. in science. To answer the question, why do women drop or change their career path is still unknown. 

What has evolved over the past decade? 

Since 2010 Stem Center has been available to educator, parents, and children to participate and share new STEM ideas.  The Stem Center created the Pi-Bot, which can be programmed with C Programing language. They also published the technical alphabet book which teaches children what the ABC’s as technology literacy. 

This book was developed to prepare the next generation of children with an understanding of scientific and technological. Since then, there have been several other organization offering help, and support in this area, such as Stem Coalition provides support to parents and teachers. Another excellent resource is Stemfinity, which helps children, innovators, parents, and educators interested in learning and promoting STEM. Stemfiniy is a resource that offers support such as lesson and material perfect for those learning at home, or for those who want to learn more about STEM. 

Over the past decade, the public has become aware of the need to encourage young people and women to be innovative in their way. By doing this, there have been several prospers women in the STEM field in the past two years. By bringing awareness to the issues people and organizations have come forward with new ideas to not only fix the problem by cultivating and promote the talent that was once suppressed by several unknown factors. 

How can we help our children at home with STEM? 

Games are great ways for children to create an image in the world they live in, in a different light. Children today have access to several resources, which allows them to build, operate, and create new devices and resources. Online resources such as Stemfinity is an excellent resource for children to learn new skills and technological solutions to problems and creativity. 

Food for Thought 

An inspiring event takes place every year at in Washington DC; is the science fair at the White House, although this is from 2016, the fair continues every year. This exhibition also for young innovators K-12 present their new innovative results to the president of the United States. 

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