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Skills from Gaming

Improve Motor Skills

Socio-motor skills are associated with laparoscopic surgeries, pilots, and several other professions, which require improved motor skills. All parents want their child to be intelligent, successful, and productive adults. A child gamer can enhance skills such as eye-hand coordination, decision-making, and socio-motor skills. Children learn and retain new information at a rapid rate. 

Cognition, decision-making, and socio-motor skills can be strengthened

This first post in a series of three will discuss how cognition, decision-making, and socio-motor skills can be strengthened and sustained throughout gameplay. The required monitoring of the entire screen, such as enemies who appear in the periphery requires a high temporal precession. Enemies who appear in the periphery area of the screen are landscape invokes cognitive process, decision-making, and reaction simultaneously. These cognitive processing speeds exceed the speed of day-to-day life. First person shooting games can enhance such skills, allowing the player to observe the landscape and make quick decisions in regards to friend or foe. Fantasy role-playing games such as Everquest 1 & 2, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends demands the players to observe the environment, enemies, and other players. These games also can enhance such skills due to the multiple functional aspects of the keys and ever-changing landscapes.

 Laparoscopic surgeons use micro-cameras, which are directed by the surgeon inside the patient's body. To guide the camera, the surgeon must view a monitor while maneuvering the camera until it reaches the designated area. Surgeons use the other tool to operate in the specific field while viewing the screen. To be successfully conducted the doctor relies on his or her skills of visual attention, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Green and Bavelier (2004) found evidence that by playing the mention video games; each of these skills is enhanced. Further proof suggests that surgeons who game more than 3 hours a week have 37% fewer errors and perform their surgeries 27% faster.

In conclusion, video gaming experiences can increase abilities such as decision-making, reaction time, visual attention, and eye-hand coordination. Each of these skills can be applied to everyday activities and future careers such as laparoscopic surgeons, pilots, and astronauts.   

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