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Cyberbullying and Social Media

Cyberbullying on Social Media How does it affect Teens Today? 

Teens have the world at their fingertips if they own a mobile device or computer. In a matter of seconds, teens can be connected to someone from another country, stream live footage of their family, update their status with location and post pictures of themselves for the world to see.  Teens now have the ability to interact with people from across the globe and across the classroom with the power of their mobile device. 

Social media has allowed teens to communicate on a different level than just 10 years ago. Teens are now able to send instant videos and pictures of themselves to a much large audience than ever before.  This is not a terrible thing but, one has to ask exactly who has access to these pictures and what could they use them for later? 
Teens today are faced with not only online social media but socialization at school in their real-life environment. Teens no longer return home and eliminate confrontations with other students from the school, teens continue to experience these same social interactions via the internet.  Social media continues to be active while the real world sleeps at night. 

Social Media overload has been known to cause harm to teens in a few different ways. 

Bullying is prevalent among all age groups but especially among teenagers. While in school teens could face bullying form a peer but when teens return home the bullying can still take place.
  Social media bullying can be very harmful to teens today causing depression, stress, and anxiety. Teens better than most adults understand that social media is accessed by anyone at any time, anywhere in the world. 

When harmful things are said then posted to social media along with a picture emphasizing the accusation it is even more detrimental to the teen.  Teens face a stressful life today. More so now than when you or I attended high school. Just imagine you go to school talk with your friend, yes, you may argue with someone at the gym, but is over at that point. Then you go home and enjoy your evening.

 Today teens go school talk with their friends, argue with someone while they are in the gym, and someone takes a quick picture or worst a video of the argument. Then you go home and find that picture is now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, depicting your behavior while in the gym. That evening your so embarrassed, and stressed out about what will happen tomorrow while at school. The next morning you, get ready for school all the while thinking you are going to be made fun of and harassed at school. 

So what can parents do to help their children if they experience Cyber Bullying?

  • Make positive comments to your peers on social media 
  • Take your social media account offline as soon as you know you are being bullied 
  • Do no retaliate when being bullied on social media 
  • Parents, talk with children about their social media accounts



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